Elegy for the End is a 5-Star bow obtainable from Weapon Event Wishes. Total Cost (0 → 6) "The west wind bears wine's fragrance away," "The mountain wind brings glad tidings new." "The breeze from afar tugs at my heart," "It sings of my longing for you." Long ago, there was a knight who was ever dour of countenance. Only a certain song could ever cause his brow to unfurl, And only a certain .... Invisible Air: Barrier of the Wind King (風王結界 (インビジブル・エア), Fū-Ō Kekkai (Inbijiburu Ea) or Inbijiburu Ea?) is a sheath of wind that covers Excalibur and conceals it so that it cannot be easily recognized as the famous holy sword of King Arthur and expose her identity. It is a Bounded Field closer to magecraft than a Noble Phantasm that is made up of multiple layers. "/>Sword of the wind